Plan To Inspire!

Search for Inspiration, Not Perfection!

Have you ever been stumped at how to design your planner? If so, you'll know that artist's block is a real thing and can be extremely frustrating. Trying to find the perfect habit tracker or weekly spread can seriously make or break you. The search can sometimes leave you unproductive altogether. We want to ensure you that there are no 'perfect' journals or 'perfect' spreads. If it works for you, it works!

Each spread tells a story, what lesson will you learn?

Our team at Selling Social are avid bullet journalers and planners and have decided to launch a new weekly blog post series called Plan To Inspire in order to encourage those who are just beginning journaling to just go with the flow with their journal! Over the years we have had to learn that our journal is to please us and no one else. We will be using this blog series to share the good, the bad, and the ugly spreads we've used in our own journals ourselves!

Feel free to ask questions!

We will be giving a brief description of what products and media we used to design the spread. We will showcase what worked and what didn't! And of course, if you see our spreads and you get inspired, by all means, plan away! if you have any questions or comments about content let us know :)

"When I first began this spread, the weather was actually extremely rainy and gloomy. I decided to use the bright spring colors to kind of mentally ward off the rain; as crazy as it sounds, it worked! I would turn to my journal and truly smile. I used watercolor and cardstock to create the watermelons and the grass. I then cut them out and lined them with my black Pigma Micron 0.05 tip pen! I like the Pigma Micron pens because the ink is permanent and you can touch up your watercolor without the ink bleeding. After pasting in the cut-outs, I used similar colored midliners to highlight my habit tracker. The bright colors and crisp black lines truly made this spread pleasing to me and kept me motivated to fill out my trackers that week"- Katherine L. March 2017

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